Baby Steppin’ to Healthy

I’m slowly but surely getting my head in the right place. My clothes are feeling rather tight after the big vacation so I either have to get my butt in gear or buy new clothes.

This weekend went quite well, aside from the Friday night going-away party. There was a Chickfila sandwich on Saturday but I didn’t get the combo! I was so hungry after the big workout that morning and simply could not get full. I was out running errands and didn’t want to go to Earth Fare hungry (I spend enough money there as is).

There was also some binge eating this weekend but luckily it was all on clean foods. I know I need to stop watching TV because it’s the number one cause of that for me. But I’m all outta sorts lately. It’s all I want to do. I don’t even feel like simple social outings or reading. I just want to lay on my couch, Jake the Wonderdog at my side, and forget the world exist. I’m working on it…


Top: Mostly full water tank, the beer that survived the weekend (I wasn’t going to buy any, but then there was a new Angry Orchard flavor at Earth Fare. I’m weak.), homemade refried beans leftover from clean nachos, spinach and eggs for crust-less quiche. Middle: A ton of hormone/antibiotic free meat that needs to be divided up for the freezer. Bottom: Still working on my watermelon, shredded cheese in the back, Waldorf tuna salad for lunch, feta for quiche, salsa. Drawers: Applesauce (always!), white grapes in baggies, and paleo pumpkin cookies.

One thought on “Baby Steppin’ to Healthy

  1. Keep up the progress friend!! It’s so hard getting back to clean once we are away from it for a while. I’m struggling not to slip too far myself…. almond butter is slippery, as is my dark chocolate allowance…*sigh*


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