Everyday a New Day

I’ve had some wonderful successes this week…

  • Left the cranberries at the store because they all had added sugar, even though I desperately wanted them for my salads.
  • Instead of grabbing Chick-fil-A last night while doing errands and getting horribly hangry, I forced myself to wait. When I got home I had the leftover shredded chicken cold with bbq (not clean but eh) while I cooked 2 ears of corn in the microwave (I eat these plain). Jake said it wasn’t enough so then we shared a sweet potato with a bit of butter and a ton of cinnamon. He still wasn’t happy so I air-popped some popcorn and sprinkled it with salt. It was a snacky night but considering my foulish mood, we did pretty darn well.

And I’ve had some fails…

  • Friday breakfast
  • Friday lunch
  • Friday dinner (Pre-planned fail for a friend’s going away party at Olive Garden. Gotta live a little.)

Good thing tomorrow morning will start with a 2 hour workout. After that, it’s shower, figure out lunch, and off for an oil change/tire rotation and lots of reading! And then grocery shopping I guess cause I’m running low on clean eats. It’s a new day!

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