Back on Track

I did some hardcore binging last week so it’s back on track for me today. I made a set of rules for myself (cause I need structure) and based them on the rules from 100 Days of Real Food. Here’s what I intend to stick to for the next 38 days (until Europe!).

  • From MyFitnessPal – 1680 net calories (intake minus workout)
  • Meat – All varieties, preferably humane.
  • Vegetables and fruits – All allowed. No limitations.
  • Dairy – Limited. Organic, whole, unsweetened and pasture-raised
  • Wheat and grains – No bread. 100% whole wheat pasta. Non-white rice. Corn. Oats.
  • Sweets – Honey and pure maple syrup.
  • Seeds, nuts, and popcorn – Organic, unsweetened, and raw when applicable.
  • Beverages – Water, milk, unsweet teas, and any and every form of alcohol.
  • Edit: 1 splurge meal a week that’s within calorie budget.
  • Edit: 1 lunch out with coworkers. 1 outing with friends. 3 meals out per week.
  • Updated: no eating after 8pm.

2 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. “any and every form of alcohol”…haha! love this. I think your structure of eating guidelines are very good. They aren’t overly restrictive, and you get a “splurge” once a week which is nice too. I know you can do this friend! Rock it out!! I’ll work on mine this week (not much different…probably one alcoholic beverage a week, but I do want a sweet treat a day…ha!).


    1. Didn’t want to limit myself 😉

      I’m hoping the splurge will help with cravings so I don’t binge. I can go out and have chicken tenders or pizza and not feel guilty. Just have to watch portions!

      My favorite clean sweet treat is plain yogurt with honey and PB. Magical! I might have some tonight in fact!!


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