And I’m Back

I got excited about blogging again and this crazy thing happened… busyness.

I’m not entirely familiar with that word. It feels odd coming from my mouth, and fingers.

It makes me uncomfortable.

Here’s what it looks like in my world…

Week 1: Very ugly work week resulting in anger resulting in zero creative drive. Actually, negative creativity.

Week 2: Very busy work week, which is a rarity for me. And as most of my blogging takes place at work (when I’m off the clock of course!), there was no blogging anywhere.

Week 3: A government holiday followed by a full snow day, followed by a partial snow day, followed by 2 days of catching up.

And now it’s week 4. And here I am.

Between weeks 2 and 3 there was an unfortunate accident involving a patch of ice and my good side. I had to take a full week off from workouts to recover. During that time, I slowly fell into a deep, dark, pit of despair. I exaggerate a bit. It was shallow and full of medieval movies. I wallowed around for several days and pulled myself out with the use of an ankle brace and a self pep talk.

Since the weekend after Christmas (cause waiting for Jan 1 is far too cliché for me), I’ve been following an edited version of Les Mills 60 day Combat schedule.


It was love from week 1. The advertising is a bit gimmicky for my taste but this really is an incredible workout. I thoroughly enjoy flexing all my new muscles. *I’ll do a full review when I finish.

My fancy magnetic whiteboard tells me what to do and I obey. It’s basically a $15 personal trainer. Plus the cost of markers.

When I finish, I get 3 days to rest before I start all over again! I will finish Round 2 the same day I leave for Europe, which is insanely convenient and impeccably good timing on my part.

On to another topic…

The picture of my schedule was taken with my iPhone and was really difficult because of all the glare and shadows created by the lighting in that room.

Thanks to the snow day though, which was really an ice day, I was able to take my fancy new camera out and snap some photos. Here’s a sampling of my first attempts (long way to go):

Jake the Wonderdog loves snow! It gave me a chance to try action shots on his mad soccer skills
Governor the midget dog does not love snow. He was forced to stay at my prison-like home while his parents went to sunny Rio.

11001759_838046443198_290240128347106391_n 11008092_838046752578_4050163473607742206_n 10168082_838046478128_567714478291010104_n 11014985_838046547988_3294930153088754703_n 10995386_838104152548_4013848813899812885_n 11002594_838104287278_1862923126641859190_n


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