It’s Only Money

So I spent $1000 this week. My stomach is still churning just a bit.

First I booked a 3-day tour in Scotland for my Euro trip in May. x2 people. I’m usually anti-tours but it seemed like the most logical way to cover a lot of ground in the Highlands. Some of the highlights include Ben Nevis (highest mountain in the UK), Eilean Donan Castle (used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, super excited to see something I’ve been watching for 20+ years), Isle of Skye and Fairy Glen, and of course Loch Ness!

Tour 7 mapS

And in case I spot the creature lurking about the loch, I bought a fancy dSLR camera complete with a variety of accessories. And I’d like to spend another $500 on lenses before the trip. Ouch.

I’ve had an interest in photography ever since I saw an Ansel Adams exhibit at the local museum when I was a kid. I remember one photo in particular where he laid down on a field of rocks to get a different perspective. And I was in awe of the simplicity, the adventure, the courage, the creativity.

I’ve only ever owned a Point and Shoot so I know absolutely nothing when it comes to the  techno babble. But I’m going to learn! From my years of art, I know how to frame a picture, use the rule of thirds, create blank space, make someone’s eyes focus exactly where I want them to… I just need to learn how to make this beast of a camera capture what I see.

The camera will arrive very soon and hopefully I’ll have some pictures, probably of Jake the Wonderdog doing wonderful things, for all to see next week!

Let’s talk about one more thing. The all-consuming money.

Should I have “played it safe” and let the money sit in the bank in case of emergency? Probably. Did I empty my savings or go in to debt? No way. There’s a definite balance to budgets that I’m still learning. I like to be prepared for the worst but I also want to enjoy this short life I have.

And enjoy it I shall.



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