Being a Min

In all aspects of my life, I’m a minimalist.

I keep my possessions minimized and organized. Not because I’m some back-packing, I-own-30-things hippy. But because my home is my sanctuary. My stress less zone. Cluttered chaos stifles my creativity. It makes my heart beat faster and the hulk within me rise up.

I keep my social life minimized and intimate. Do I need 348 friends on Facebook? No. I love my dozen friends who all love each other. I love my immediate family. Small gatherings full of laughter where everyone is included. I like my little bubble in this big wide world.

I keep my diet minimized and tasty. Ok… sometimes the portions aren’t minimized, but I’m working on that. I like simple, clean ingredients. Easy recipes without fancy French words. A fridge and pantry with just enough food for me and my bachelorette lifestyle.

I keep my budget minimized and streamlined. Living a minimalist life gives me a little extra room in the budget to do things I love. Go on adventures. Eat out with friends. And shop on Amazon. Extra money is just one of the many benefits of living like a min.

I keep my schedule minimized and clear. I have few obligations and that’s the way I like it. I’m an introvert². I need down time. Lots and lots of down time so I can recharge. And I want to be free for the spontaneous outing. Or if a need arises in my little bubble. I want to be  involved without being controlled by the all-powerful calendar.

And that’s pretty much my life. That and Jake the Wonderdog.


Follow us along on this minimal journey to learn more about living with less.


2 thoughts on “Being a Min

  1. Love you friend and am glad to have made the minimalist cut. I am the exact same with my possessions for sure…even in the chaos of my small house being over taken with baby stuff (I purposefully left a giant stuffed pony at my parents house they gave Joshua for Christmas because just looking at the size of that thing and thinking of the space it would take up made me have an asthma attack….J/K…it was the fact it was infiltrated with second hand smoke already that did that…). My world is thrown off kilter and I get stressed when my house gets cluttered (I keep the ReStore in business…).

    And I need to work on minimizing my diet….so it doesn’t include things like cheetos which are far from having a minimized ingredients list…ha!

    I need some Jake the wonderdog love…one day next week I’ll load up on the claritan, wear my glasses and come workout with you and Jake ;).


    1. Always good to have fellow mins in my life 🙂 And Jake could definitely use some lovin’. He’s been pretty bored lately without his weekly visit from all his friends.


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